A real treat

This is such a lovely experience! We were transported to Rupert’s beautiful cinnamon farm high up in the hills and against a magical backdrop, he explained the history of cinnamon, how it is grown and harvested and its many uses. A particular highlight was a live demonstration of how it is peeled as part of the process. Rupert is a charming and friendly host and I loved the personal touches and stories he brought to the experience. A real treat, highly recommended!

Perfect tropical getaway

This was a fantastic date night. We paired some cinnamon treats with the event and thoroughly enjoyed everything. Rupert is charming, the scenery stunning, and the information fascinating. I would worry that I’m setting the bar too high with a glowing review, but not really sure that’s possible. We heard monkeys and saw exotic birds in the background, and are happy to go forward with a better understanding of cinnamon’s growth, harvesting, and the applications of its different varieties. For rounding out the winter months in chilly Minnesota, it was the perfect tropical getaway.


Fascinating to hear about life on a cinnamon farm in glorious Sri Lanka. Rupert brings it to life with evocative images and stories.

Highly recommend!

Rupert had a great set up – both setting and some informative slides. He fielded all of our questions. We had a few laughs as well. I went into this having no expectations about what I was going to see/learn, but Rupert and his team really did a top notch video presentation. It was also great to see the sunrise in another part of the world. A great way to grab your friends from around the world, meet virtually, and learn something new. Highly recommend!

A great way to travel without travelling

This was my fist virtual tour experience. It was so cool and super educational. A great way to “travel” without traveling. Rupert was a fantastic host. Highly recommend.

Great experience

Thanks for the great experience. I learned so much and the sunrise was fantastic!

Fascinating experience

Fascinating experience… definitely learned a lot and have a whole new appreciation for how cinnamon is grown and harvested as well as the different types of cinnamon and its uses. Wonderful host and live demo from Ratu the expert cinnamon peeler was fascinating too. We all enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much!

Very eye opening

I learned a lot about Cinnamon! Not only did I learn how the cinnamon came from, but I also enjoyed the nice scenery of Sri Lanka. This session was very eye opening. After this experience, I appreciate cinnamon more (especially TRUE cinnamon!). Highly recommended!

Exceeds all expectations

This tour of a Sri Lankan cinnamon plantation was far better than I thought it was going to be. It was so beautiful with incredible views over the rain forest out to the Indian Ocean. We learnt about the history of cinnamon, how it came to be such a valuable, precious commodity, why it’s used so much in South America now, the health benefits and finally how it’s made. Rupert’s talk is fascinating and informative – my 13 year-old son, who is not the easiest audience, was gripped – and Rattu gave us a beautiful demonstration of how the bark is peeled and packed, dried and cut before it’s baled. It really is an art. We watched during lockdown and it felt so live and so real – if you can’t get to Sri Lanka or you want a Sri Lankan experience I couldn’t recommend this tour more highly. It exceeds all expectations.

A great experience

This was a great experience! We learned so much about cinnamon and it was great to watch the process of extracting the bark from the branch – so interesting! Rupert was super friendly and answered all our questions. Highly recommend!

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