Fresh cinnamon sticks

Ceylon cinnamon

True cinnamon from Sri Lanka
Subtle, warm, citrusy aroma
Five 5-inch sticks of cinnamon

Saigon cinnamon

Cinnamon cassia from Vietnam
Hot, distinctly sweet taste
Five 5-inch sticks of cinnamon
Customer reviews

Guaranteed taste and goodness

The finest true cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka and the finest cinnamon cassia comes from Vietnam. Our partners source the cinnamon directly from the farmers at harvest. The timing depends on the monsoon rains, but is generally in late Spring or Autumn. Our spec is extremely high - the sticks need to grate well and look beautiful. On arrival in England they are checked again, one by one, and individually wrapped in biodegradable cellophane to retain their full aroma and flavour. We mark each box with the harvest date.

Good cinnamon not only tastes great but has many health benefits. We use it liberally, freshly grated on coffee and smoothies and anything fruity. The Ceylon and Saigon smell and taste very different – so you can have great fun experimenting!

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Probably the most expensive in the world.
Certainly the best!
Gregory, Boston

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