Reduces bites but doesn’t totally eliminate them

We had a few days of rain followed by a drop in temperature so the mosquitos were everywhere.

We did our first test over the weekend in our vegetable garden. My son went in and was immediately bitten. Then I sprayed him on his arms and legs. A mosquito landed on his face so I sprayed some into my hand and rubbed on his face. There were two mosquitos swirling around my legs but neither of them landed, which was fascinating to watch. My son was able to garden in peace, and he is a mosquito magnet!
Then we went onto our backyard deck where we never ever spend time because of the mosquitos. I sat in a chair with my legs up. After about a 20 minutes of being left alone, mosquitos started to land on my feet, so I sprayed them, too. I was trying to gauge the amount of spray coverage necessary: do you have to cover every square inch of skin, or will the mosquitos be put off by the smell and not want to land anywhere where they can even smell it?
My husband came out later and sat on the deck. After a while both my son and husband got a few bites, but we know from experience that they would have been eaten alive without the spray.
It seems that the spray reduces bites but does not totally eliminate them and it varies from person to person.

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