Not ONE more bite…NOT ONE!

Last night I stepped out of my car and realized that I needed to water my garden “this instant” because my flowers did not look happy. As I started watering, I was getting chewed up by mosquitos. It was horrible! I went to my car and grabbed my Canelle spray and applied it. Not ONE more bite….NOT ONE!

I actually got to enjoy the rest of the time I was out watering and even got some weeding done!
Additionally, I got a compliment from my husband when I finally went into the house…not about my garden work, but about how good I smelled!
I have used the Canelle spray to try to ward off annoying gnats….that did not work. They did not land on me, but still bobbed around my head and face, although, I cannot use the spray on my face…the delicate eye area. I got the spray on my face once and it really hurt! It also burns near the armpit area, so now I just avoid applying in those areas.
Overall, I feel it is effective for repelling mosquitos. Not sure about biting flies…..which are also a common concern in this area of the nation.

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