It works beautifully!

Several of my friends and I have given the spray a thorough test against bad mosquitoes and gnats. It works beautifully! We are in love with the spray.
Gnats are almost worse than mosquitoes in Florida as they get in your ears, eyes, nose and mouth. I mowed 1/2 my yard at dusk without the spray and the gnats were unbearable. I then sprayed my hair and dabbed the spray on my hands to apply to my ears and face. I was able to mow the 2nd half of the yard without any gnats in my face. The cinnamon burned my face slightly but it didn’t do any harm and was well worth it!
I gave a bottle to my friends who do field trials with their dogs in the country where gnats are even worse. They said the spray worked great!
Thank you for making it and I hope lots of people will give it a try!

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