Canelle Cinnamon Mosquito Repellent actually works!

Canelle Cinnamon Mosquito Repellent actually works! This Spring my friend passed away and his garden got taken over by weeds as tall as I am. I haven’t been able to walk close by the garden without getting bitten to pieces by mosquitoes. But yesterday I spent over an hour in the garden harvesting the garlic and potatoes and I only ended up with a handful of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes were all around me as I dug through the weeds, but I only had to swat at them occasionally. I accredit my enjoyable time in the garden to the following regimen: I sprayed my body with Canelle Cinnamon Mosquito Repellent. Then I put on long pants and a long sleeved shirt and sprayed my clothes. I also sprayed my hair and neck. I sprayed some on my hands and rubbed it on my face. I was careful to avoid my eyes. There was a stinging sensation on my face for a few minutes, but it went away. I am delighted to have discovered a healthy product that works so well! Thank you!

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