Bravo. It worked perfectly.

I used the Canelle twice this summer.
In June I travelled from NYC to Jacobs Pillow for a few days of performances and rest. Much of this time is in open-air spaces, under the trees.
I sprayed myself too generously. I should have had a lighter touch but the spray was new to me.
I apologized to my friends who sat around me because I felt self-conscious about my strong, although pleasant, scent.
They all agreed that it was a most pleasant fragrance.
I still felt foolish for not testing your product before using it.
I was free of pest bites in a very ‘buggy’ environment.
It works.
The next month I had another trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I was warned in advance to bring pest protection.
This time I was clever about using Canelle.
I sprayed a little mist of Canelle above my head and walked through it.
Bravo. It worked perfectly. No bites, no sleepless nights.
I gave a bottle to my hosts because they were quite impressed with your fine Canelle.
Keep up the good work.
I’ll be back for more. I thanked my hosts for a wonderful summer retreat and mentioned a “Proustian” memory of cinnamon, clove, sea air.

Gilbert Gaytan

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