BY FAR the best natural mosquito repellent

This Canelle Spray is BY FAR the best natural mosquito repellent spray I’ve ever tried. Best of all, it smells DELICIOUS. I love it, love it, love it. Try some on your next outdoor adventure.

I’m using it again all this summer

Made from pure cinnamon and nothing else? Check!
Fine mist spray? Check!
Actually effective against mosquitoes? Check!
This stuff works.
I used it all last summer, and I’m using it again this summer.
My husband works on a horse therapy ranch, and he uses the Canelle Spray daily to repel mosquitoes. He shares the spray with all the ladies on the ranch (he’s the only man who works there), who are equally as impressed that something that works so well can SMELL SO GOOD. So, if you — like me — live in a mosquito-riddled area, or even if you’re just vacationing somewhere mosquitoes call home, you want to try it.

This stuff works!

I’m no scientist and this was no CDC-supervised experiment of verification. But I spritzed myself with this Canelle spray before going out to play a few games of volleyball. And my teammates were like, “Dude, WTF, you smell like candy.”
Well, that’s true, I did smell like candy – sexy candy. But my teammates were also like, “Dude, WTF, how come these mosquitos aren’t biting you?”
Because it’s not even summer in Texas yet and the nasty flying buggers were already swarming, piercing every inch of human skin they could land a needle-sharp proboscis on … but they were leaving me the hell alone.
I’d say that’s conclusive, alright. And I’ll also say that I might want to smell like cinnamon anyway – but especially if it’s going to keep the goddamn mosquitos away.

Works great for wasps!!

Hi just to let u know the cinnamon spray works great for wasps!!


The news is simply stunning. My partner and I tested the product tonight. She only used your Canelle spray on on her left arm. I used Canelle on both my arms and both my legs and rubbed the residue on my hands on my neck. The results !!

I didn’t get a single bite !!! My partner didn’t get a single bite on her sprayed left arm but has multiple bites on both her legs and on her right arm and on her body and is in agony. We are both highly susceptible and attractive to mosquitoes and both have very allergic reactions. We believe tonight’s test is just stunningly brilliant for your product.

Such a wonderful product

I am very happy with the Canelle Spray. It really seems to help for outdoor events in the evenings. I am especially happy that it does not irritate my skin at all. I have very sensititve skin so I was concerned about that. There is a strong cinnamon scent for awhile but nobody has minded when I have it on and it gets less strong after awhile. It’s way superior to the scent of any other bug repellant spray; the comparison is like night and day. Thank you very much for producing such a wonderful product. I hope lots of people buy it so you can keep making it for people like me.

Stuff is amazing!

The bees were all over me! I sprayed the repellant and then no bees! Stuff is amazing! Wow!

Marie Firmin

President, Elegant Living Directory Services

Waited, watched, and no bugs, no bites

Right now in Ohio we’ve had cases of West Nile Virus confirmed so I’ve been very concerned. Your spray does help. Each evening I go outside to lock up the chicken coop at the same time mosquitoes are very active. Tonight I performed a simple test: went out without spray on and mosquitoes attacked. I returned to the house, sprayed myself, and went to coop again. Waited, watched, and no bugs, no bites.

At first I thought my chickens, cats and dog would hate the smell of the spray but it doesn’t seem to bother them. I also like the idea of a natural solution. So I think I will be buying a new can each spring before the season starts.

Thanks for your product.

Worked better than bug spray

Used it last night while group was playing Baggo in yard. It worked better than bug spray. Guys loved it and it smells great!

Bravo. It worked perfectly.

I used the Canelle twice this summer.
In June I travelled from NYC to Jacobs Pillow for a few days of performances and rest. Much of this time is in open-air spaces, under the trees.
I sprayed myself too generously. I should have had a lighter touch but the spray was new to me.
I apologized to my friends who sat around me because I felt self-conscious about my strong, although pleasant, scent.
They all agreed that it was a most pleasant fragrance.
I still felt foolish for not testing your product before using it.
I was free of pest bites in a very ‘buggy’ environment.
It works.
The next month I had another trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I was warned in advance to bring pest protection.
This time I was clever about using Canelle.
I sprayed a little mist of Canelle above my head and walked through it.
Bravo. It worked perfectly. No bites, no sleepless nights.
I gave a bottle to my hosts because they were quite impressed with your fine Canelle.
Keep up the good work.
I’ll be back for more. I thanked my hosts for a wonderful summer retreat and mentioned a “Proustian” memory of cinnamon, clove, sea air.

Gilbert Gaytan

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