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A genuinely natural alternative to DEET and PMD

Canelle Spray is made entirely from a special distillation of Ceylon cinnamon leaf and bark oil diluted with pure cinnamon water. There are no other additives. The oil is distilled, mixed and bottled at Top House in Sri Lanka from cinnamon plants grown on the estate. The process is entirely self-sustaining.

Ceylon cinnamon has long been known in Sri Lanka for its antimicrobial and insect repellent properties. Recent clinical trials in the UK have proved Canelle Spray's effectiveness. This is in line with US research which found cinnamon oil to be "the most persistent, effective mosquito repellent" of all the essential oils tested. It works incredibly well on other bugs too - try it!

Canelle Spray comes in a handy 100ml bottle made from recyclable aluminium. It has a fine mist pump AND smells divine!

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I love the scent
and I have no bites.
Cynthia, Condé Nast Traveller
The spray worked awesome!!!
Poppy, Disaster Relief, Puerto Rico

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