Love my cinnamon!

I loved my initial order so much that I ordered one for my parents. I have always been a cinnamon lover and used to purchase the big tubs at Costco. I couldn’t believe the taste difference when I tried Cinnamon Hill cinnamon….it is amazing!

I leave the beautiful grater out on the counter next to my espresso machine and love grating my fresh cinnamon into my morning latte. My daughter loves grating the cinnamon on her toast or oatmeal. Not only is the product beautiful and delicious, but the customer service at Cinnamon Hill is fantastic. I ordered a shipment for my parents that still hadn’t arrived after nearly a month. I sent an email to customer service and they had a replacement shipped out within days and was told to keep the first set if it showed at no charge. Buy this cinnamon and support this company….you won’t regret it!


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