Like heaven in a bowl

When I received my grater and sticks, I actually did a side-by-side taste test on the Saigon cinnamon, the Ceylon cinnamon, and the ground of cinnamon I have in my cupboard. I absolutely could not believe the difference between the freshly grated cinnamon and the store bought cinnamon! I have always loved cinnamon, but after tasting cinnamon Hill cinnamon, the store-bought kind literally tasted like a Band-Aid… No really like an actual Band-Aid that you put on your arm. I made some oatmeal and round up some of both types of cinnamon sticks and it was like heaven in a bowl.

This also makes a fantastic gift! The grater is beautiful and so is the porcelain cup that holds it. I’ve decided to make it a permanent fixture on my countertop because it just makes me happy to look at it. I plan to buy these for housewarming and wedding presents. I definitely took pause initially on spending close to $100 for cinnamon essentially, but it is totally worth it.

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