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Most Ceylon cinnamon sticks I’ve found have been lifeless husks that grate into sawdust. The Ceylon cinnamon from Cinnamon Hill has actual flavor! Grating a bunch into hot chocolate was a real awakening to what Mexican chocolate can be; I could get enough for real cinnamon flavor throughout without the spiciness that comes from using cassia. And then the cassia itself, the Saigon cinnamon; well, you can get decently flavorful Saigon cinnamon out there but I do have to say, the one from Cinnamon Hill outshines any of the others I’ve found. These are great to have around, and the grater works so well for both kinds that I have a feeling it could be the Next Big Kitchen thing, like microplanes and food processors before them!

I just wish there were a more convenient way to seal up a stick after it has been opened, since they are so long. How about designing a long, thin ziploc sleeve!


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