Just to say

I love your products & an order always feels like receiving a present with the beautiful packaging!

beautiful cinnamon grater

Have just received my beautiful cinnamon grater. It has been used tonight, the perfume of freshly grated cinnamon is beautiful. So glad I ordered two, one for a Christmas present. The cinnamon is sealed so it was able to come through quarantine into Australia. Thank you.

A really satisfying experience

There’s a lovely visual and physical satisfaction to watching a fine rain of ground cinnamon fall down on your dish, accompanied by the sweet scent released from the grated stick.

nothing comes in anyway close

I have wandered around the health food stores now, doing an arbitrary cinnamon study, and I have to say that nothing I have found comes in anyway close to my parcel in the post. So it has to be the cinnamon from Cinnamon Hill.


The difference in flavour to the ground cinnamon that comes in a jar is amazing.

rescued a lifeless curry

I knew very little about using cinnamon until I recently rescued a rather lifeless curry with our new supply of sticks and this rather cunning grater, which has now joined the salt and pepper pots as semi-permanent fixtures on the dining table.

so potent and spicy!

I had no idea that fresh cinnamon is actually sweet, fruity or that it is so potent and spicy! It’s going to be a daily addition to our morning coffees and porridge from now on.

Good delivery and wonderful smell

It’s May 2020 and I am delighted to report that my order was delivered almost before I had ordered it – certainly with in 24 hours and now the whole house smells wonderful and I can talk of nothing other than special Ceylon Cinnamon.

delicate flavor yet an intensity

Honestly I thought I was getting good stuff at Kalustian, New York but no way. Cinnamon Hill’s Ceylon and Saigon sticks have a more delicate flavor yet an intensity. It lifts anything you add it to including my daily cup of hot chockie.

these aromas unfold immediately

Cinnamon Hill’s cinnamon grater seems at first glance to be the kind of superfluous gizmo the world doesn’t need. Isn’t ground cinnamon in a jar good enough? The answer turns out to be, actually, no….Cinnamon Hill sells different kinds of cinnamon paired with their grater, sticks of “true” Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka that have citrusy notes and Vietnamese cassia cinnamon that is hotter and sweeter. These aromas unfold immediately when you freshly grate the cinnamon on the beautifully designed grater, helping to boost the scents and flavor of your holiday baking.

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