Our capsules

What's inside your capsules?

Pure organic Ceylon Cinnamon (cinnamomum verum) or pure organic Ceylon Turmeric (curcuma longa). Nothing else. Both have been sustainably harvested, air-dried and fresh-ground on our plantation in Sri Lanka.

Unlike the vast majority of supplements, our capsules contain ABSOLUTELY NONE of the following: GMOs; wheat/gluten/starch; hormones/antibiotics; artificial colours/flavours/preservatives; excipients/fillers/binders; radiation/fumigation; ethylene oxide treatment; bioavailability enhancers; lactose/dairy; soy/salt/sugar; gelatin/fish/meat.

What are the capsule shells made of?

The capsule shells are made of cellulose, a vegetable material.

Are your capsules vegetarian? Are your capsules vegan?

Yes and yes.

How can you be sure your capsules are organic?

We use fresh Cinnamon and Turmeric from our own plantation in Sri Lanka, which we know to be organic. We harvest, dry and grind the spices on location. We don’t have them certified as organic because we know for a fact they are and organic certification is very expensive.

How many capsules should I take as part of a daily program? How long will a single packet last?

Each capsule contains 350mg of pure powder. Nutritionists recommend a daily intake of up to 750mg, so two capsules per day should suffice. A single pouch of 60 capsules will therefore provide enough supply for one month.

However, bear in mind that our capsules contain pure Ceylon Cinnamon or Turmeric and nothing else, and that the powder is super-fresh. So it may be that a single capsule per day is sufficient for you and a whole pouch can last for longer than one month.

Consult your doctor or nutritionist as to what is the appropriate dose for you.

Is there coumarin in your cinnamon supplements?

Our cinnamon capsules contain pure Ceylon Cinnamon (the botanical name is "cinnamomum verum" meaning true cinnamon). Small amounts of coumarin are found in cassia cinnamon (which is usually marketed as cinnamon in the US, Europe and Australia), but it only occurs in negligible quantities in Ceylon Cinnamon, quantities so small as to be considered insignificant.

This is confirmed unequivocally by US, European Union and Australian health regulatory authorities.

Are these capsules safe for children?

Yes, but consult your doctor or nutritionist on the appropriate daily intake. The capsules are easy to swallow with some juice/water or can be opened and sprinkled onto any food or drink of their choice.

Is it OK if I open the capsule and pour the powder onto my food like normal ground cinnamon or turmeric?

Yes, absolutely! Which can be a great help to anyone who has difficulty swallowing pills.

It wasn’t our intention, but some of our customers use our capsules as a food complement to pour into their protein shake or hot drink (not sure about turmeric on a cappuccino though!).

Break open a capsule and try for yourself.

Why do the capsules sometimes vary in colour?

We use transparent capsules so that you can see the powder inside.

The ground cinnamon is a 100% natural product, coming from the dried inner bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon plant, and some colour variation occurs naturally. It’s only slight and the difference is authentic.

The ground turmeric comes from the dried roots of the Ceylon Turmeric plant which are naturally orangey-yellow. It's believed that the more orange the colour, the higher the curcumin content. For this reason, some producers adulterate their turmeric with lead oxide. Our Ceylon Turmeric is considered to be the ideal shade of colour, but you can be sure it's 100% natural.

How long will the capsules keep?

The freshness of the powder at encapsulation really sets our capsules apart, and the outer casing ensures that the natural goodness is retained.

The capsule shell is made of cellulose, a vegetable material, and likely to begin to degrade after two years. For this reason we advise a 2-year shelf life.

Why are the capsules in a pouch and not in a bottle?

Cinnamon Hill capsules are designed for online sale and dispatch by mail order. Glass bottles are fragile and too heavy to post at an affordable rate. Plastic bottles are obviously a no-no.

Our resealable stand-up pouches provide an excellent barrier to moisture and oxygen, which is important to preserve freshness. They’re less polluting to manufacture and transport than rigid packaging formats, and also great for travel.

How should I store the capsules?

Properly sealed, somewhere cool and dry. If you prefer, you can transfer the capsules from the pouch into a glass jar or other resealable storage container.

Are these products regulated?

As a dietary/food supplement, the sale and labelling of these capsules is controlled by food regulatory authorities. Our capsules, their contents and labelling comply fully with all the relevant regulations in Europe and the US. They do not require registration with the FDA.

Are there any health warnings?

We advise you to consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant/nursing, taking pharmaceutical drugs or have a medical condition.

Can I buy Cinnamon Hill capsules in a shop?

At the moment, our capsules are only available online on this website. In future we may wholesale them to retailers and we welcome enquiries.

The powder is as good as the fresh grated stuff and the capsules are easy!
Roger M, Brighton, England

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