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How do you know that Canelle Spray is 100% effective?

Lab-tested: 100% effective over at least one hour.

Our sprays were tested in the laboratory of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in June 2019. The trials involved six different experiments with 50 mosquitos (Ae. Aegypti which carry dengue fever and Zika virus, amongst other diseases) in each cage. Mosquito probes were measured at three time points over a one-hour period. The best of the trial sprays, using Canelle d’Or which is what we now offer as our standard product, was recorded as having 100% protective efficacy.

Here are the official trial results.

What’s the difference between Canelle Spray and other "natural" mosquito repellents?

Canelle Spray contains ONLY natural ingredients, extracted by steam distillation from Ceylon cinnamon plants - nothing else. We know this because we supervise the production, mixing and bottling of the ingredients in Sri Lanka.

Most “natural” repellents such as oil of lemon eucalyptus are actually synthetic chemical substances, usually described in weasel terms such as "plant derived" or “botanical”. By contrast Canelle Spray is genuinely true to nature.

(You can see a video of how the oil for Canelle Spray is produced on the Spray page.)

How does Canelle Spray work?

Canelle Spray is made from a special distillation of cinnamon leaf and bark oil diluted with cinnamon water.

In the early stages of the normal steam extraction process a small, precious amount of oil is produced which is sometimes referred to as Gold Top but we call Canelle d’Or. This oil is unusual in having a low density (unlike normal cinnamon oil, it's lighter than water) and a high cinnamaldehyde content. This makes it both gentler on the skin and even more effective at deterring mosquitos than the oil we’ve traditionally used. Now that we're able to collect sufficient quantities of Canelle d'Or, we use only this in our Canelle Spray.

Of all natural oils, including citronella oil and lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil is “the most persistent, effective mosquito repellent” according to research in June 2019 at New Mexico State University.

Why isn't Canelle Spray registered with the FDA/EPA?

Because of its entirely natural ingredients, Canelle Spray is categorised as a "minimum risk pesticide" and is therefore exempt from registration.

What does Canelle Spray smell like?

In a word, lovely. We even thought of calling the product Canelle No 7. It has a fresh, green leaf smell, citrusy and very slightly sweet.

How should I apply Canelle Spray?

Be sure to give the bottle a good shake first. It has a pump nozzle, which sprays a fine mist. Spray at a distance of about 6” directly onto arms, legs etc without rubbing in.

As with any essential oil,be very careful not to spray it onto sensitive areas such as eyes and lips or onto broken or sunburnt skin. Be careful also when applying to children’s skin. You may experience a mild burning sensation on soft skin areas, but this will pass in a couple of minutes.

Reapply after an hour or so, as necessary.

Is Canelle Spray suitable for children?

Canelle Spray should not be used on babies or small children, because of their sensitive skin.

With older children, try it first on less sensitive areas like feet and see how they respond. The spray can give a mild burning sensation at first (like tiger balm), which might upset them, but this generally passes quickly and they get used to it. Be extra careful to avoid spray getting in their eyes.

How is it that Canelle Spray soothes mosquito stings?

We don’t know. Our hunch is that it’s the heat in the oil – which can cause a mild burning sensation on first application on soft skin – that has the effect of mollifying the sting.

Does Cinnamon oil have any health benefits?

Cinnamon essential oil is known to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Aromatherapists use it to help stimulate circulation, relieve muscle and joint pain, encourage relaxation and lift spirits.

Can Canelle Spray stain?

Canelle Spray won’t stain fabrics but it can leave a mark on a porous surface, such as a wooden table, so be careful where you place the bottle after use.

How long will one bottle last?

As a rough guide, if applied regularly, one bottle will last one person for one week.

Will my Canelle Spray be allowed on a flight as hand luggage?

Absolutely - it comes in a 100ml bottle, has a fine pump-action (as opposed to aerosol) spray, and is non-flammable. Plus the bottle is made from recyclable aluminium, so won’t add much weight to your baggage allowance.

However, as with all liquid cosmetic items with a nozzle, best to transport in a sealed plastic bag to avoid leakage at high altitude.

How long does Canelle Spray keep?

Steam-distilled essential oils generally have a shelf life of at least 2 years, after which their scent and effectiveness gradually diminish. The 100% purity of our Ceylon cinnamon oil ensures that this will also be the case with Canelle Spray.

Storage is key - when not in use, keep your Canelle Spray in a cool place and avoid frequent changes in temperature.

Store the bottle upright and remember to give it a good shake before applying it.

Can I use Canelle Spray as a food flavouring?

No. Canelle Spray is a mosquito repellent. Whilst it smells of cinnamon, it must not under any circumstances be used as a food flavouring.

Does Canelle Spray work with any other bugs?

Funny you should ask this! Customers have told us that, as well as repelling mosquitos all around the world, Canelle Spray deters wasps, bees, ticks, leeches (they drop away instantly), ants, weevils, Scottish midges, Floridan gnats and great Canadian black flies. Unfortunately, it seems not to deter American no-see-ums.

If you can add to this list, please get in touch.

Can I use Canelle Spray on my pets?

We occasionally spray our dogs if flies are bothering them - just a single squirt on their back, avoiding eyes/other sensitive areas.

We also have customers who regularly buy Canelle spray for their horses (sorry we don’t sell it in litre bottles!).

Bravo! Your Canelle Spray worked perfectly.
Gilbert G, New York

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