Terrific product

Terrific product. Obviously pure, unlike any of the others I’ve tried.

So easy with your capsules

Thanks all you people for this great product. I’ve used your cinnamon for years to help with the pain from arthritis but was finding it hard to grate even with your beautiful grater. Now it’s so easy. In fact just one capsule a day seems to do the trick.

Really helps with sleep as well

A friend sent me some of your capsules, as I’d been feeling run down and she’d heard cinnamon was a good natural way to boost your health. I now swallow one capsule in the morning and mix another with some hot water and honey to drink before bed. I feel much more like my old self and I reckon it helps me sleep better as well.


Thanks for answering my questions. The capsules arrived very quick and I have them for 3 weeks now. I definitely feel more energy. My grand-daughter even used some of them for a kranz (a sweet bread we make here in Sweden for birthdays) and it tasted very good. I already have ordered some more.

Genuine article

I’ve searched all over the city for pure cinnamon caps, but don’t believe any of them. The first thing I did when yours arrived was open one and OMG the difference!! If only all sups were this genuine. And I LOVE the packaging!

Great for headache

Don’t know if you say this any place, but cinnamon is great for period pains and PMT. My friends in Tokyo are crazy about it. You make a paste with water, put front of your head, rest maybe 20-30 mins. Then your headache is vanished!

We use as our cinnamon travel pack

We purchase the capsules so we can have organic Ceylon cinnamon available for coffee while traveling and at home. The quality of the consistent grind in the capsules is excellent. We open the capsules and pour the contents into our coffee.


Can’t wait

I’m a real fan of your your cinnamon and have one of your graters, but I travel a lot for work and can’t really bring them. I try and eat healthily – lots of raw food, supplements etc – and can’t wait to try out your capsules in a juice bar next trip!

Thank you Cinnamon Hill

I’ve been using your cinnamon for years for blood sugar and because I really like cinnamon. Recently I decided to try cinnamon capsules for convenience. I bought several brands but didn’t finish any of them. The powder didn’t look right and smelt funny, so I gave up. When I heard about your new Ceylon capsules I straight away ordered a 3-pack and I haven’t regretted it. The powder is almost the same as when I grate it fresh and the capsules are easy to swallow. Thank you Cinnamon Hill.


I have a feeling I will be a repeat!

My package arrived, and I just wanted to say I opened a capsule up and it smells wonderful. I have purchased “organic ceylon cinnamon” from amazon before and it was clear it was just cassia. It was very refreshing to have that scent of validation. Just took the capsules so too soon to report any effects. I have a feeling I will be a repeat!

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